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Monday, November 23, 2009

Letter to The President

Okay Mr. President. I know you are the C.G.H., M.P. PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA. I also know that you are the most powerful individual in our sovereign nation, and is on top of the food chain in Kenyan politics. Or are you? I also know that you dwell in Kenya's most lavish Shangri-la, a palatial architectural masterpiece of work, in the name of State House. Yes, this is where every ambitious politician would want to set foot in. And most of those who have succeeded so far, including yourself, have done whatever is doable to be there, remain there, once they are there, until they can no longer be there.

I also know you have amassed enough wealth, and will continue to do so in the next three-years - and beyond - should you opt, try and succeed to change a constitution that would otherwise not give you the opportunity. But even if you don't stab at the presidency again, all you need is work with the right kind of people, and that wealth would be protected. The right kind of people are those ones we both know. 
Oh yes, oh yes you can.

Mr. President, I also know that you have the passion, zeal and exuberance to ascend this nation to some level, both economically, socially and... politically? Well, in case you have forgotten, economically and socially means the way you did it from 2002 till we went to that election. Politically, well we both know why that remains a cagey topic. But I have some rough ideas on how you are trying to execute all these, but I would prefer rather not to mention them in this space, at least not today.

Mr. President. In order to harvest the seeds for your plans, and my rough ideas, you would need an array of things. Some obligatory, some, because you are the president, some, just for the sake of it.

Security is obligatory and inescepable. I mean you need some protection Sir. Protection against those thugs who wouldn't mind who they rob, protection against avaricious and ill-motivated political arch-enemies who would sniff, jump and grasp at any opportunity to start making themselves relevant within the political sphere, protection against your own citizens as well Mr. President.

You would need a drop of protection from God, a pinch from your family, and frustratingly, the we-give-no-damn protection from presidential guards and escorts. Why refer to the latter as frustrating. Well, because it is. I had always heard of it, but came to encounter it just a few days ago.

Apparently, you and your motorcade were still some massive twenty-minutes away from us. Wherever you were coming from matters less in this piece, but you were going back to the house on the hill to perhaps, take a warm shower, imbibe some fresh juice and hang your feet on top of something as you watch yourself on some flat-screen plasma telly.

But why did we all have to wait for that long as our nerves only sniffed your motorcade of top-of-the-class automobiles worth a fortune made their way towards State House? Yes, we, the citizens who commute in public service vehicles because we can't, NO, we have not yet been "blessed" to own a tuk-tuk had to wait for close to a half an hour for you to have your way.

Am not being utterly suggestive in a negative way. But imagine if that vehicle we were in, or the one that was right behind us was heading to a hospital with a woman deeply in labour pains. A future Obama inside her. Or that man who needed an immediate eye operation, failure to which he would join the beggars' league and establish a breeding ground along a street that you would rarely pass. Or even that young child who, out of hunger, had fallen from a tree while trying to reach that yummy wild fruit and needed to.... are you imagining El Presidente?

In a nutshell Mr. President, and those who enjoy such "treatment"on behalf of the public, keep it short. No human marvels at being delayed in a traffic jam. And you would probably feel the same if you were to travel to a wherewithal nation like the US. Just imagine if you would be stopped for more than ten-minutes to give way to Mrs. Hillary Clinton and her entourage. 
Enjoy your presidency and what comes with it. But don't you think we all need to be safe at any time?

You don't need to reply to this letter, but it would be some pleasure if you did so. 
Have a traffic-less time, at any time. Won't you?

And that's the Steifmastertake!