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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama Earned and Deserved the Nobel!!

Why the brouhaha about whether President Barack Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace prize? Yes, we all know he is the President of the United States of America, the superpower, the world's economic epitome and the most powerful nation with the biggest arsenal and intelligence in the battle field.

Such titles and artillery come with responsibility. And isn't Barack a responsible dude? Just ask her elegant, mercurial, fashion-genic, 5 feet 11 inches tall wife and White House-mate Michelle.

But just who says one should not win a peace prize if you have all the arsenal at you disposal?

Hasn't Barack Obama demonstrated time and again, in words and action, that he possesses such an ability to dream and the tenacity to make these dreams come true? Isn't sending more troops to Afghanistan to bring peace, tranquility and stability not a stab at a dream that the world would want to see come true? Is it an impossible job? And just what makes it impossible? The apathy, egotistic and  self-doubt of critics determined to see themselves on the telly as they cast a dim shadow on an ambitious but highly achievable initiative?

How many living individuals can boast of having such ability to aspire to inspire and achieve it?

Here is a guy who united one of the world's ethnically diverse and multi-cultural states with a total population of about 400 million people, from Hispanics to Blacks, from the Whites to Christians, from Muslims to Protestants, he made them all feel equal.

The foundations of such bonding are still very much intact, and Americans, I believe, are feeling more American than never before. And if they are not, perhaps they never will.

And isn't that feel-good factor spread across the world.

Who in this 21st Century doubts that the presence of Barack Obama right there at the helm of international diplomacy and politics has brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm within the confines, nooks and crannies of this world? Doesn't the world feel much safer right now than when George W. Bush was fighting a losing battle with Osama Bin Laden and an unnecessary combat with Saddam Hussein? Hasn't he been mentioned among the elites and compared to John F. Kennedy, Nobel winners Martin Luther King Jnr. and Theodore Roosevelt among other people who made America and the world a better place to live in?

And just who doesn't listen when he transforms his charm into words. Don't we all wanna listen? Doesn't critics like journalists listen to him with a notebook and pen sitting at the table? Not even his political nemesis McCain and Republicans, nor perhaps his greatest challenge to giving an inkling that terrorism can be halted, Bin Laden, can deny that Obama's charisma and modest personality wins him friends more than antagonists.

Obama has earned the Nobel Peace Prize and deserves even more besides.

When the 1.87m tall, flappy-eared, handsome-faced, skinny, calm, compassionate, stoic, etc etc American born of Kenyan father won the elections in 2008 -- rather easily I should say -- the adrenaline, oolala mood and "Yes We Can" belief that rushed across the veins and minds of people, from the swashing breeze in the Seychelles Islands to the scorching heat in Qatar, from the opulent streets in Pulau Tong, Singapore to the poor neighbourhoods in Kibera, from the stilt-built Makoko slums in Nigeria to the thick banana plantations in Bugangaizi Uganda was unprecedented, welcoming and highly uplifting.

The Nobel prize win for Obama may have had many asking why. Could these people have asked the same had he been given the award immediately after trouncing McCain and many doubters in the 2008 election? And yes, he has added over 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. So What? Is this a self-centered move? Isn't the motive driven at restoring order in a failed state and giving the Afghans at least some hope of a better future?

The US President was chosen for the prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." I wonder if strengthening diplomacy and bringing cooperation between peoples is not the same thing he wants to achieve in Afghanistan.

And by the way, just how many people still believe that Barack didn't deserve the honour of the Nobel after his speech? I guess some critics are busy googl-ing for his speech. After all, the man is too eloquent for life.

And I share in the words of Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, "We congratulate this year's Laureate, President Barack H. Obama, on what he has already achieved, and wish him every possible success in his continuing efforts for a more peaceful world. May you receive the help you truly deserve!"

Your Majesties, Mr. Presidents, Your Royal Highnesses, ladies and gentlemen, and all the critics,  Barack H. Obama deserved Nobel Laureate. Even Alfred Nobel knows it!

And That's the Steifmastertake!