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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hindu's Celebrate Hare Krishna in Nairobi

I'm not going to make this a long feature article or anything.  Just some facts, pictures and a link to my you tube account where you will get to see my video side of life.

But first of all, I have to say how frustrated I am after looking for information on Google for some celebration that was marked by Hindu faithful on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, but to no avail. Unless my eyes played a lying game on me, I think I saw a handful of journalists, with still and video equipment do what they only know how to do best; taking pictures and video footage. But may be the discriminatory rules of the newsroom meant that their coverage were trashed in the infamous trash can after this potentially headlining story failed to pass the test of  discriminating editors who think they have hands-on knowledge of what the viewers want to see. 

So in the spirit of helping you not getting frustrated as I am, I decided to write something about the celebration, which, from the information I gathered from the loud chants, it must have been a Hare Krishna moment. 

So you might just be the first person to read about it. And where else to find it but thesteifmastertake!! Enough on the bragging. Now let me tell you how I earned that bragging right.

It was on the weekend of Saturday May 22nd. I had just let my desires get over me by buying this Sony point and shoot camera that I needed but did not want to buy at such a high amount (figures concealed on request).

Nevertheless, taking the risk of needing to save enormously my next income to the extent that I might get starved, I decided to invest in the equipment. 

And it didn't take too long before it was put to test.

As I sauntered my way toward a Maasai market located near Nairobi Law Courts to check and perhaps buy some necklaces, bracelets and other uniquely African accessories the market boasts of, I bumped into this huge crowd of beautiful Hindu women, children and of course their owners, the men, the latter to my disappointment.

But since it wasn't supposed to be about me on this day but about what the most expensive asset I have could do, I decide not to gape at the long hairs and enviable bodies and perfect heights of these Gujarati singles, but to take some pictures and video.

Not unless am wrong, these horde of men, women and children were marking the birth of Lord Krishna (I stand to be corrected). Krishna is a deity worshiped across many traditions of Hinduism and is perceived differently within different traditions of Hinduism. 

The faithful traversed the length of Nairobi streets. From where I met them, we walked for the next two hours as they pulled the deity and sung their hearts out to please 'him'. I decided to follow them and, keeping my word that this wont be long though it ought to be, these are some of the pictures that I and my new quite expensive mate captured:


And That's thesteifmastertake!!

©Stephen Ayoo