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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tusker Launches Twende Game to Celebrate Kenyan Sports

Tusker has launched a sport driven campaign called Twende Game that celebrates the Kenyan sports fan and drives support for football and rugby clubs.

Tusker has adopted a nostalgic approach by enlisting the star power of Harambee Stars legends Joe Kadenge, George Sunguti, Josephat Murila, Tobias Ocholla and rugby star Lavin Asego for the campaign that seeks to highlight the key milestones throughout the history of both sports.

"Tusker has played a major role in the development of football and rugby which have provided memorable moments for Kenyans. Our brand is synonymous with the good times these iconic players have given us and it's only appropriate that they are now the face of Twende Game," said Tusker Marketing Manager Antony Esyalai.

"Kenyans are passionate and emotional about sports. That is evident whenever Harambee Stars and Shujaa are on national duty. They are known to support their sides through good and lean times, however we would like to see them take up a more proactive role in the development of sports," said Mr. Esyalai.

To mark the launching of the campaign, Tusker organized a 6-aside football and 5-aside touch rugby competitions which attracted participation from media teams including Homeboyz, Kass Media, Nation and Kenya Sports Journalists among others. The games were played at the Impala Sports Club.

The Twende Game campaign is designed to expand and mobilise the current fan base of both football and rugby to offer more direct support to their respective clubs.

"Through increased participation, we hope to inspire fans of local clubs to contribute in word and deed for the sole purpose of improving the quality of play on the field," added Mr. Esyalai.

The campaign will appeal to grassroots support which forms the bedrock of the fan movement across the country.

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