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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing: FKF-Premier League

FKF Supremo Sam Nyamweya. Photo: Goal.comKenya
For the fourth time since its inception in 1963, Kenya’s top tier football league will assume a brand new name should the latest resolutions passed by Kenya Football Federation (FKF) be adopted.

The Federation’s president, Sam Nyamweya, has announced that the league will henceforth operate under the name FKF- Premier League, dropping the Kenya Premier League title it has assumed since 1998.

At its inception over half a decade ago, the league was known as the Kenya National Football League which changed to Kenya Super League in 1973 and 1997 then the Kenya Premier League in 1998.

Nyamweya revealed that the new outfit has already been registered and is ready to hit the road with matches kicking off this weekend. 

In what could be a kick in the teeth for long-term partners Supersport, FKF have signed a deal with London-based international media rights company MP & Silva who have pumped money into the new setup. The deal will see the FKF-Premier League and associate lower leagues receive $2.5 million wherewithal, almost a 60% increase from the $1.5 million that the Kenya Premier League(KPL) signed with Supersport.

Under the new deal, clubs will receive Kshs. 9million per annum, (Kshs. 1milion per month for 9 months) which will be directly wired into their accounts. “We will see to it that the players receive their salary directly to their accounts as well as cater for match officials. We however appeal to the players to join the Saccos already in place to cater for their welfares,” said Nyamweya who has been the top boss in Kenyan football for 8 years.

While revealing that FKF have since severed ties with KPL but still offering them an olive branch for negotiations, Nyamweya reiterated that beginning this season, the league will have 18 teams as opposed to 16. 

He also warned match officials who will officiate in games not approved by the Federation of serious ramifications including withdrawal of their licenses.

FKF’s new partners MP & Silva are still offering Supersport the opportunity to air the matches. However, they are looking into the possibilities of selling 2-3 games a week to local free-to-air channels as well as other international broadcasters. 

MP & Silva is a media rights company that owns, manages and distributes sports media rights with the company's portfolio including premium international sports content of mainly football, tennis and motor sports TV rights. They sell media rights of the top 5 European Leagues including the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and the German Bundesliga among others.

They reportedly value the local league higher than what current broadcasters Supersport do.

Top Tweets: Courtesy of @Four4TwoMedia

Nyamweya: all sponsors are on board in the #FKF Premier League including @pumafootball, @tuskerlager and @SuperSportTV 

Nyamweya: if a team forfeits their #FKF Premier League match, they will be replaced. The 18 clubs already paid their affiliation fees in Dec 

Nyamweya: DSTV Super Cup was our initiative and we are not opposed to it. However, #FKF have to appoint the referees. 

Nyamweya: Broadcast rights belong to FKF, however they will not chase away #Supersport who have been around for a while. FKF advocates for benefits to all 

Nyamweya: MP & Silva pursuing possibilities of selling League broadcast rights to Free-to-Air channels, something #Supersport haven't done 

Nyamweya: #FKF not sending anyone away, Supersport should agree with #MPsilva on how to share broadcast rights. No more to monopoly 

Nyamweya: we have a letter from #KPL saying they are not opposed to the League being called #FKF Premier League 

Asembo: the new deal is a better offer than the $1.6m @SuperSportTV signed with #KPL. Kshs 9m to go to clubs' coffers, no monkey business 

Nyamweya: #FKF to let @OfficialGMFC and @SOFAPAKA to play their #CAF continental matches 

Nyamweya: #FKF has got serious money to run the league. Those misleading clubs of federation's failure to attract sponsors must desist

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