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Friday, March 27, 2015

Kenyan Mountaineer in Second Quest to Conquer Mt. Everest

Steve Obayi, right, being 'flagged off' by BrighterMonday CEO Robert Kimani

Kenyan mountaineer, Steve Obayi, will embark on his second journey to conquer Mount Everest having come short on his first attempt last year. 

Obayi made his first attempt to summit the 29,029ft mountain last year but it was cancelled following a tragic avalanche that claimed the lives of 16 people while 9 others were injured. Obayi, a mechanical engineer, and his team were advised to report to the base camp, only for the Nepalese route to the mountain to be closed for climbers and crushing his dreams, albeit temporarily. 

However, there was never any doubt that he would head back to Everest for a second attempt. That challenge helped him gauge the true depth of his character.

“We are honoured to be a part of this event which continues to speak to the core of our business of enabling Kenyans find jobs that speak to their desires and aspirations,” said Robert Kimani, the Chief Executive Officer, BrighterMonday during the press conference. 

Obayi, sponsored by BrighterMonday, will be taking on the mountain yet again, inspired by year’s campaign dubbed #NeverGiveUp, which aims to encourage job seekers to continue believing in their big goals as the only way to succeed. 

“Job seekers are just as determined in pursuing their careers as any of these Everest climbers, they too have their own mountains to conquer,” said Robert Kimani, the Chief Executive Officer, BrighterMonday.

Obayi wants to become one of the very few who have followed Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first people to summit the mountain back in 1953.

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