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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Mystery of Nigeria's 'Baba-go(heal)-Slow'

The last time I checked, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'adua, Nigeria's president, had been bedridden in hospital for 61 days! Yes, you read it right, 61 good days. That's 1, 464 hours, 87, 840 minutes and over 5.2 million seconds... and counting. As I wrote this, it was still 61 days, but with seconds mating to give birth to bouncing minutes which are multiplying so fast to hours, which are elapsing.

And 'Baba-go-slow' is still 'recovering' slowly in his bed in Jeddah, as his impatient and tentative nationals wait with bated breath for his return. Return. That is the only thing Nigerians can be sure about. They are sure Mr. President will return. But in which condition? As a corpse? Or as a man who has taken a long vacation and can't wait to show his nation the way.

His critics call him Baba go slow for his slow pace of action. And may be it's time they changed that name, or add him another - 'Baba-heal-slow' (seriously).

The guy is just living up to his name. Go slow on reforms, go slow on revolutionalising the electoral system, go slow in seeking and bringing lasting peace in the volatile oil-rich Niger Delta, go slow in reforming the oil industry, go slow in solving inter-faith violence in Nigeria, go slow in sorting out electricity problems, Baba go slow in bringing confidence that you will be fit to lead the nation again, go slow in transfering power to Mr. Jonathan "bad"Luck, go slow in recoveirng (if you still can), Baba Yar'Adua, go slow.

And That's the Steifmastertake!!