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Friday, June 17, 2011

Superpicks – When Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham Face Each Other

The release of the 2011-2012 English Premier League fixtures gives you the feeling that the beginning of the season is just around the corner. Coupled with the ongoing transfer rumours and deals per se, the excitement is building towards what could potentially be the most hotly contested premier league season in history.

Rejuvenated Liverpool, defending champions Manchester United, rebuilding Chelsea, sulking Arsenal, money-rich Manchester City and the rising Tottenham Hotspurs will all be considered favourites to win the 2011-2012 premier league title.

The title could be won by maintaining a good run against the smaller teams, the bigger ones, the average ones, in home matches or away. However, whichever team that will mix all of the aforementioned will win it.

But while all the games matter, the ones contested among the top six will matter most. Below, this article takes a look at when all these title favourites will be facing each other, plus the Merseyside derby.

NB: Home team on the Left, Away team on the Right. All fixture dates are provisional and therefore subject to change.

Liverpool             Man Utd              Saturday 15 October 2011
Man Utd              Liverpool             Saturday 11 February 2012

Arsenal                 Man Utd              Saturday 21 January 2012
Man Utd              Arsenal                 Saturday 27 August 2011

Arsenal                 Liverpool             Saturday 20 August 2011
Liverpool             Arsenal                 Saturday 3 March 2012

Chelsea                Liverpool             Saturday 19 November 2011
Liverpool             Chelsea                Saturday 5 May 2012

Man Utd              Chelsea                Saturday 17 September 2011
Chelsea                Man Utd              Saturday 4 February 2011

Man Utd              Man City              Saturday 22 October 2011
Man City              Man Utd              Saturday 28 April 2012

Chelsea                Arsenal                 Saturday 29 October 2011
Arsenal                 Chelsea                Saturday 21 April 2012

Liverpool             Man City              Saturday 26 November 2011
Man City              Liverpool             Monday 2 January 2012

Chelsea                Man City              Saturday 10 December 2011
Man City              Chelsea                Saturday 17 March 2012

Man City              Arsenal                 Saturday 17 December 2011
Arsenal                 Man City              Saturday 7 April 2012

Man Utd         Tottenham                 Saturday 20 August 2011
Tottenham       Man Utd                   Saturday 3 March 2012

Tottenham       Man City                  Saturday 27 August 2011
Man City         Tottenham                Saturday 21 January 2012

Tottenham       Liverpool                 Saturday 17 September 2011
Liverpool         Tottenham               Saturday 4 February 2012

Tottenham       Arsenal                    Saturday 1 October 2011
Arsenal            Tottenham               Saturday 25 February 2012

Tottenham       Chelsea                   Tuesday 20 December 2011
Chelsea            Tottenham              Saturday 24 March 2012

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