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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Obbayi Gets Boost from BrighterMonday for His Mt. Everest Expedition

On March 24, Steve Obbayi will set out from Nairobi to become the first Kenyan to climb Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak. The 39-year-old today received a shot in the arm from BrighterMonday who sponsored him to the tune of Kshs. 1.75 million.

Obbayi and his colleague, Toby Storie-Pugh, Chase Bank Kenya Everest Expedition founder, will battle the peak to inspire Kenyans to chase their dreams and to raise awareness for the world's most neglected development issue, sanitation.

Obbayi, and Storie-Pugh have already summited Mount Kenya, the tallest peak in Kenya at 5,199 meters, during the team selection process. They also conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa at 5,895 meters via the Rongai route.

“The ultimate goal in this expedition is to show that a regular guy from Africa is capable of achieving in non-traditional areas,” said Obbayi during the cheque presentation. “Go out there, take the first step, keep a focused eye out and the pieces will fall into place. Your dream will turn into reality,” he added.

“We at BrighterMonday are stimulated by the resolves of these two Kenyans who area about to inspire a global community, to approach life head on, with determination, courage and with resolve like that needed while seeking a job anywhere in this world,” said BrighterMonday Sales Director Robert Kimani.

The team will arrive at the Everest Base Camp by early April and plans to summit the mountain by late May. They will climb the South Col route.

The Everest Expedition is sponsored by several Kenyan and International companies, using Obbayi’s story to inspire others.

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