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Friday, February 19, 2010

Video Essay - From Kenya with Love

SKortiz Productions is a pioneer project by two young and ambitious Kenyans who have decided to eke out a living in a country where politics is the only thing one gets served with, whether sitting comfortably in your living room at prime time, or flipping across tabloids in the office. Fed up by partisan politics of underdevelopment, pissed off by the evil of corruption and materialism and irritated by the lax in accountability, the two have come together with the ultimate aim of bringing back the the zeal of many Kenyans who have lost interest in watching television, since the events of flawed elections in 2007 which led to widespread violence and destruction. Their most fundamental objective is to produce perpetual and varied content that would leave everyone nodding in conformity and satisfied beyond the word, satisfaction.

Whether comical or educational, entertaining or informative, incisive or exclusive, this is the only platform to find it all. With our (Skortiz Productions) roots and energies firmly planted on the urge for perfection, we work under the belief that true victory is only achieved when you win. And we won't relent until you achieve that victory.

Skortiz Productions is where we bring special people to do special things for special persons in a special way with a special motive. Lets all shun the evil of politics and work towards making Kenya a better place.

Instead of watching Kenya's political satire on YouTube, why not utilize your time and watch:

SKortiz Productions Promo Part1
- This is a short promotional video that... just sit back and watch!!

The First Cut
- Two brilliant, genius, upcoming young Kenyans slowly start following their trajectory to success. Follow these two inventive minds working under their own entity, Skortiz Productions, as they crack your ribs, speak their minds in utmost frankness, and tackle the most fundamental issues affecting the modern world. This is IT!!

Lost in the Sunny City - This is a hilarious comedy about Canister and Bokassa who are two great friends first, and brothers second. Their lives have just begun in that they have just cleared school after which they relocate to the capital city. They come to learn early enough that life in the city, and more so under the thumbs of their Aunt is not a bedside joyride... watch the drama

Kenya Rugby- Watch some of Kenya's best tries from last season

And That's the Bottomline and the Steifmastertake!!